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About Us

What we do


Allthamsupply.com is building a business-to-business marketplace where purchasers can buy American products of quality, safety, durability & design.


Our goal is to be able to say, “We make it easy to buy American.”


Our mission and value proposition


The mission of Alltham Supply is to provide businesses and governmental units desiring to buy American an online marketplace for “all things American-made”, where they can purchase a wide selection of American-made products of quality, safety, durability and design, in an enjoyable and engaging shopping experience. 


Alltham Supply customers also benefit from knowing that they are creating jobs and supporting the communities where our products are made, and that every purchase supports the training of a veteran in a high-skilled manufacturing job.


A different kind of company


Alltham Supply is operated by Alltham, P.B.C., a “public benefit corporation” authorized in its charter to pursue social good as well as profit. Our company charter, as registered in the State of Delaware, states, in part:


"The purpose of the corporation shall be -- to build healthy communities, create jobs, and combat the social and economic ill effects of chronic joblessness in communities across America –

  • by facilitating purchases of products manufactured in those communities from American-sourced components and materials through the operation of an online retail marketplace and other channels of sales and marketing and by other means; [and] . . .
  • by supporting the training of veterans and other Americans in skilled manufacturing jobs in the production of such products . . . ."

Further information on “for benefit” corporations is available at http://benefitcorp.net/  and http://www.bcorporation.net/.

In pursuit of this mission, Alltham, P.B.C. also is building two online consumer marketplaces, Alltham.com, and, for higher-end products, Allthamluxe.com. 


How we’re organized:  Made in America Again


Alltham, P.B.C. is the commercial arm of Made in America Again, a movement whose goal is to build healthy American communities and create six million jobs by moving $500 billion in American consumer spending from foreign products to products made in those communities.


In addition to Alltham, P.B.C., Made in America again also includes two non-profit organizations, one promoting education and awareness of the offshoring problem and its solutions, (MIAA Aware) and the other advocating clear country of origin labeling laws (MIAA Action).  Members of MIAA Aware and MIAA Action are encouraged to buy American-made goods via Alltham and other channels.  (For further information, please visit www.miaa.us, www.miaa-aware.org, and www.miaa-action.net.


A note on American-made


Under the Federal Trade Commission Act, the Federal Trade Commission has required that a product advertised as Made in USA (or similar statements implying that it was made in the USA) be "all or virtually all" made in the U.S.  Such a claim is referred to as an “unqualified claim”.


A “qualified Made in USA claim” describes the extent, amount or type of a product’s domestic content or processing; it indicates that the product isn’t entirely of domestic origin.  Examples include:  "60% U.S. content." "Made in USA of U.S. and imported parts." "Couch assembled in USA from Italian Leather and Mexican Frame." A qualified Made in USA claim is appropriate for products that include U.S. content or processing but don’t meet the criteria for making an unqualified Made in USA claim.  These claims also are monitored for accuracy by the FTC. 


In addition, under other laws, U.S. content must be disclosed on automobiles and textile, wool, and fur products.  The FTC has made available information regarding the country-of-origin laws and their enforcement at http://business.ftc.gov/documents/bus03-complying-made-usa-standard.


Our goal is to be a trustworthy source of products that merit an unqualified claim to be made in the USA.  When appropriate, we also will bring you products that have a majority of U.S. content and are clearly labeled as to a qualified claim.  If you should discover a listed product that you believe does not qualify for its claimed U.S. content, please  contact us.


How are we doing?


We value your feedback. Please let us have your feedback, comments and suggestions: Contact Us.