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Buyers: Discover your Match

If you are a manufacturer looking for intermediate components or materials, or a buyer looking for finished product desiring to secure your supply chain . . .

Have you been disappointed by so-called “American” companies whose manufacturing is really being done at facilities in Mexico or China, or who are really performing “screwdriver assembly” of imported manufactured components?

Here you will find companies that are operating manufacturing facilities located in the United States. [NB: Their output may include some imported materials or parts – see them for this information.]

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Suppliers: Get found

If you are operating a manufacturing facility in the United States –

Are you lost in the noise of American-sounding companies who are actually doing their manufacturing in Mexico, China, or some such place?

Here you can be discovered by other manufacturers looking for intermediate components or materials and buyers looking for finished product and who wish to source them in the United States.

We make it easy to list and maintain your business (See  "How it Works," below).

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Suppliers and Buyers: Build a Relationship

We are not transactional -- While we recognize there will be occasions where a buyer has a need for one-off purchase, we focus on establishing relationships with suppliers that buyers can trust to meet their changing needs over time.

So, we are more than an online “platform” -- We are a community of suppliers and buyers seeking to establish enduring relationships for provision of intermediate components and final products with the security, availability, reliability, and quality of products manufactured in the United States.

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How it Works:

Each supplier maintains a Profile with the information a buyer needs to evaluate the supplier’s potential to fulfill the buyer’s requirements, including the industries they serve and materials they work with, and detailed capabilities including product specifications, machine types/capabilities, tolerances, and volume capacities.

Links to the supplier’s profile then are established in each of the categories in which the supplier operates, using SIC and other categories. Buyers can explore the categories for the functionality they need, and see the relevant suppliers displayed, with a link to each supplier’s Profile Page. Buyers can store suppliers of interest in their Saved Suppliers list as they build their short list, and contact a supplier when they’re ready to have a conversation. Suppliers can keep their profile updated in real time as they may add capacity or specialization. [Learn more at How to Use this Site.]

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