About Us

Covid-19 has demonstrated the folly of depending on foreign sources, especially China, for the intermediate and finished products in our supply chain.

Relentless focus on low price up and down the supply chain has resulted in companies’ chasing low labor costs and regulatory standards all over the globe, while ignoring the high cost of that low price in terms of security, reliability, availability, and quality.  And that does not include the tragic costs imposed on the American communities where those products used to be made, or the social and environmental costs imposed on the foreign workers and their communities. 

As Covid-19 has brought these concerns into focus, many companies have sought U.S. manufacturers to meet their needs.  But they can be hard to find, lost in the noise of American-sounding companies whose manufacturing operations really are located in Mexico, China, or Vietnam.  FindAmericanManufacturers.com is designed to solve that problem.

Here suppliers and buyers can discover each other and form enduring relationships that can assure availability, reliability, and quality of intermediate and final products, some of them essential to the health and defense of our country, others important to our daily well-being.

FindAmericanManufacturers.com is operated by Alltham, p.b.c. Alltham is a Delaware public benefit corporation with the mission of supporting American manufacturing communities by bringing to bear the power of the consumer – and of companies and governments when they are acting as consumers, purchasing intermediate and final goods.  Alltham, p.b.c., is the commercial affiliate of Made in America Again, a 501(c)(3) non-profit educating on the problem of sending jobs overseas and how consumers can solve it.  See www.madeinamericaagain.org.  

In his book, What if Things Were made in America Again (Current Affairs Press, 2017), Alltham’s founder James Stuber described the self-interest, as well as the moral imperative, in doing so. Secure supply chains are good business but also are essential for our public health and wellbeing and national security.

We hope FindAmericanManufacturers.com will be an important tool in accomplishing those purposes, and invite you to join in that pursuit. 

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