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At we are building a motivated community of businesses and governmental units desiring to “buy American” but frustrated by the difficulty of finding American-made products. 

We also are building a community of American manufacturers who have difficulty reaching these prospective buyers because they are “lost in the noise” of foreign-sourced products in the marketplace.  By partnering with us as a supplier, you can reach these prospective customers in a way not previously possible. 

So, let’s get started!  

You can sign up for all the resources and assistance you need to become a Verified Supplier here.

Or you can express your interest in becoming a supplier by contacting us and providing us with the following information:

Company name, address, and website;

Contact name, title, phone, and email;

Where are your manufacturing facilities located?

What industries do you serve?

What product categories do you offer?

From there, we can have a conversation about how best to include you in our community and get you in front of qualified buyers seeking American-manufactured goods. 

We make it easy and affordable to onboard and maintain your company profile and promote you on and off our website.  So give us a shout; we look forward to being in touch with you!


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