We believe a healthy and robust manufacturing sector is essential to the American undertaking.  And we believe a free and efficient market is the key to achieving that goal.  However, government policies shape how that market operates, especially in the international context. 

Is the U.S. dollar overvalued against other countries’ currencies, making their goods cheaper and U.S. goods more expensive? Do we allow other countries to subsidize their industries and flood the U.S. market with underpriced products? Do we allow other countries to avoid customs inspections and tariffs altogether through loopholes in our customs laws?

The Coalition for a Prosperous America was formed to address these issues on behalf of the companies that are really making things in the United States, as opposed to being “American” in name only, as well as American farmers and workers. 

Through its research, education and advocacy activities, CPA provides an effective voice and an opportunity for you to become actively involved in making policy in Washington. 

Alltham actively supports and engages in the activities of CPA, and we urge you to do so as well. To learn more about CPA and how you can get involved, click here.